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Bahnhof Zoo

Final stop for the night in despair; We young lions with frozen hearts And cigarette burned wrists, *** We are cutting the presence, by sacrifice to declare, Our condemnation for the confinement of choice, And cold daggering twists. *** You, my brother lion, while you fail to trap the young girls, You are confused and forget … Continue reading


Now I left this world But there was much left already on its trail Yet I don’t regret anything Because there was nothing to regret As I was and as I somehow still very well am, I am a magical miracle A fringe of hope Flying around amongst tree tops in the groves Moves in … Continue reading

Night River

Near the night river in a far country Hear the howls of glowing eyes She the shriek from yearning homelands Savage soul in lustful warmth Now we touch in distant darkness Feel to feel and taste desires Dawning dew on meadow beddings Wakening wiles in naked shivering’s A craving coil within my pelvis An oozing … Continue reading

Fisher King

It was in early May, when thimbleweed were dazzling in the slopes and thickets, when the soil still was embedded in the autumn grizzled leaf and whitened last year’s grass. The small river was holding up all the brimming water, as it seemed to have been waited too long in slumbering winter. Waited, despite the … Continue reading

The Mountain God

Rising dark and grey Through the silent clouds Dressed in white sheets patching Here this king abides At the peak, a man As within his spirit stands Feet on rock, hands in sky Stretching out across the land Deeds and feats through actions Echoes among the shades. Stir and shape the winds By ridge and … Continue reading

Night paths

Oh, Luminous, From the depths of pitch darkness We stride on unseen pathways Each crossroad become a meeting. Hooh, search sweeping back and forth Every movement speaks the night Tells of the hidden in trees and rock. Glints embrace the tarn and stream Scents are always true Stories made of instinct More candid than the … Continue reading

Lovely Lust

Every string fits For hearts in fierce vibrations Every shame Without a room In me But the flash Of flesh damnation’s Whatever else Will ever be.   I will never wear The sorrow you would sully I will merely smear In lust and loving fully   I stand at the brink Of the last of this … Continue reading

The Dwarf

I  am the wicked dwarf, as you certainly have forgotten and did not want to see. I carry your evasiveness as an unwelcome guest, as the threat from contamination, a lure in ambush. I am old and distal, trifling and round, neither seen nor needed, completely bygone. I am wielding while I weep, a lethal weapon, … Continue reading