Forgotten Poets

    Hush, O, unknown forgotten poets Hear footsteps like feathers over the floor. Smell, the vibrant scent of freedom Sense the coming unleash of your hungry heart   Open up, dear poets, to the playfulness of the wind. You are trapped in your instinct, with beauty and life, By grids made of elaborated words … Continue reading

Magician’s Trace

In the dense hazel, Distant quivers grow Shadowy painted appraisal, An ancient presence glow. *** The olden path, amongst other, Who also here did tread. Place comes in, within another The trace speaks in my head. *** Clay, decay, soil and peat Stones and bones, at my feet Long lost, Fingers crossed, I, the king … Continue reading

Wolf Hour

In the hour of the wolf, just before dawn, when faeries doze and daze, dance in haze, I’ll catch your breath, squeeze the death, to birth of young or aged, to pleased or raged   In the hour of the wolf the myth is entwined, to a cord of writhe to a hallowed bind. I … Continue reading

Bahnhof Zoo

Final stop for the night in despair; We young lions with frozen hearts And cigarette burned wrists, *** We are cutting the presence, by sacrifice to declare, Our condemnation for the confinement of choice, And cold daggering twists. *** You, my brother lion, while you fail to trap the young girls, You are confused and forget … Continue reading