Bahnhof Zoo

Natja Brunckhorst-Christiane F.–We Children from Bahnhof Zoo-1981

Final stop for the night in despair;

We young lions with frozen hearts

And cigarette burned wrists,


We are cutting the presence, by sacrifice to declare,

Our condemnation for the confinement of choice,

And cold daggering twists.


You, my brother lion, while you fail to trap the young girls,

You are confused and forget of their belongs,

You ambush me, by giving those promises and pearls,

Through myths and heroic songs.


I, who so recklessly, to the evil and blight,

To fate, left my night-stung love,

Was cold and blank by the urge for female invite

Of their baits and their smiling thereof,


Yet still I had to fence to defend

Against insulted squires of noble ascend.

A duel of others fettered longing,

From battered minds,

Jealously blinds,

Of poisoned sense of belonging.


Here at the stop of the final despair

I close my love by a sigh,

In the vertigo from the ventures of human desire

By a blink, in a breath of the air.


I, a young lion,

Will journey through life,

With the pumping of my blood

Against the steel of the knife.



7 thoughts on “Bahnhof Zoo

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  2. I met this divine girl in Berlin. She had blood red hair and a makeup that you could not tell if it was to conceal her alien look or just made her look alien. I would not say she was a groupie, I would rather say that many famous musicians and artist was madly in love with her, following her desperately like a tail. I had talked to her one early morning after a concert. And when she found me on a club in Berlin she cling to me like I was her last resort. I really don’t know why, maybe it was because I was the only reasonable guy around her, the only one that could talk to her not becoming madly in love with her. We stayed together for a couple of months and she opened up more and more, but I was just totally lost in life and feeding her every day with cucumbers and warm honey water and hanging on to her constant night parties, did not strengthen my existential situation. So I just left her, cruel and cold blooded, My act ironically happened at a moment when she had decided to leave her insane night world. I felt it was an act of survival, but for her it was the commitment to her final destination. My poem is what happened to me and my dandy friend the same night she took an overdose.

    • Thank You Beth that is what we need, true compassion!

      Sometimes in life there are so many feelings and impressions, contractions,wrongdoings and rightdoings, so you come to a state of mind where there is no other existential point than compassion. And I know, no matter of religion or not, that in the widespread numbness of our society, in our personal life’s, the true experience of compassion is the only vaccine.

  3. This is both heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time. I must have read and re-read this 3-4 times and then I saw your comment below with the story of this girl and my heart ached, for I knew a young girl much like this once. Wonderfully written piece!

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