Night River

Night River

Near the night river in a far country
Hear the howls of glowing eyes
She the shriek from yearning homelands
Savage soul in lustful warmth

Now we touch in distant darkness
Feel to feel and taste desires
Dawning dew on meadow beddings
Wakening wiles in naked shivering’s

A craving coil within my pelvis
An oozing oomph inside our lives
This shining serpent of ecstatic aberrance
Transudes our trance by primordial dance

We are the land of vastness breathing
We are the lust in spurring bloom
Embaying embrace from bonds incentive
Sincerely spirit and soul of owl


2 thoughts on “Night River

  1. I came to tell you, they have!
    I don’t have the answers, I do not know the right questions, and I confined my needs, restrained my actions. Although I know owls have a soul, I knew before I came here.

    We have so many notions and expectations, ideas and explanations of what is valuable, right and wrong. But what I know I knew before I came here.

    At the very moment, once death slits your pumping life or the life of your loved ones, when evil breathe in your face, then we know what we knew before we came here. And whenever the owl cross my path, I know, the Owl knows and I know, You know, that we knew before we came here.

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