Call of the Night Panther

Call of the Night Panther

I’m just a little boy who moves like a night panther,
Through the dusky bedrooms, vibrant out of female fragrance.
Meanders the magical lust along silken skin on swollen flesh.
Touch my hands over the craving life nerves, into the carnal desires.

I am doomed to expose every hearts lie of contentment
Sacrifice my love, my own tenderness yearning
Plough ecstasy and sin through the guilt of these hesitates.
Leaving someone tiny and deserted behind the red walls.
Someone exposed, forcibly tainted.

Although, in the morning light streaking,
I find a thread
Leading away over enticing thin lace
Past heavy floor fallen beddings
It is followed from year to year
And discovers timid birds and beasts
Crouching in dark corners
Drifting on strange seas
Stranded on deserted islands
Hunting in the wild jungles

There’s nothing obvious I can do
But I know where we were before it all began.


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