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Night paths

Oh, Luminous, From the depths of pitch darkness We stride on unseen pathways Each crossroad become a meeting. Hooh, search sweeping back and forth Every movement speaks the night Tells of the hidden in trees and rock. Glints embrace the tarn and stream Scents are always true Stories made of instinct More candid than the … Continue reading

Lovely Lust

Every string fits For hearts in fierce vibrations Every shame Without a room In me But the flash Of flesh damnation’s Whatever else Will ever be.   I will never wear The sorrow you would sully I will merely smear In lust and loving fully   I stand at the brink Of the last of this … Continue reading

The Dwarf

I  am the wicked dwarf, as you certainly have forgotten and did not want to see. I carry your evasiveness as an unwelcome guest, as the threat from contamination, a lure in ambush. I am old and distal, trifling and round, neither seen nor needed, completely bygone. I am wielding while I weep, a lethal weapon, … Continue reading


It was like tiny raindrops within him Lingering wet, but insignificant Each day heaped up into everyday In sufficiency, Scattered hope, And tedious awakenings Drops swelled as to a glancing yearning. Close by the brim of existence Yet, every conclusiveness Remained indiscernible, In its stretched silent rigidity It was once small raindrops Coloring the walls … Continue reading


There is a dark thorn, Within my flesh A fang of ill, A partly death   The field’s stretching, Curve through curve, Comes from distance By woodlands stirred   Ail in mind, thirst in heart All along the riparian’s meanderings Treads on ground, thoughts in distance The stream whirling, foaming, flowing   I have cried … Continue reading


The city houses crouching against each other in the dark Shrinks by splashes of light from gaping lanterns Rows upon rows of open light jaws Stretches down by their dragon throats to devour the streets.   Predators pair of eyes prowling in between these structures, Radiating attention by white ghost cones That grows and shrinks … Continue reading