Night River

Near the night river in a far country Hear the howls of glowing eyes She the shriek from yearning homelands Savage soul in lustful warmth Now we touch in distant darkness Feel to feel and taste desires Dawning dew on meadow beddings Wakening wiles in naked shivering’s A craving coil within my pelvis An oozing … Continue reading

The Mountain God

Rising dark and grey Through the silent clouds Dressed in white sheets patching Here this king abides At the peak, a man As within his spirit stands Feet on rock, hands in sky Stretching out across the land Deeds and feats through actions Echoes among the shades. Stir and shape the winds By ridge and … Continue reading


It was like tiny raindrops within him Lingering wet, but insignificant Each day heaped up into everyday In sufficiency, Scattered hope, And tedious awakenings Drops swelled as to a glancing yearning. Close by the brim of existence Yet, every conclusiveness Remained indiscernible, In its stretched silent rigidity It was once small raindrops Coloring the walls … Continue reading